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From Moscow in Bulgaria

How to go on holiday to Bulgaria from Moscow (Russia)?

Offer you to get acquainted with the best options of how to go on holiday to Bulgaria from Moscow in different ways.


For those who are planning to go on holiday to Bulgaria from Moscow by bus, it is better to use a Charter bus from the tourist firms. Travel cost this way will be much lower than in regular bus or plane.

Charter bus from the company “bell Express”

Route Moscow-Burgas
Departure time from Moscow On Saturdays, Minsk 21:00
The place of departure Metro station Yugo-Zapadnaya - 1 time per month
Transfer to the hotel On request
Ticket price 124 Euro (one way); on both sides - 198 euros + DISCOUNTS

You can arrive to Chisinau on a plane and Chisinau is easy to get to Bulgaria by bus, buying a ticket from the company ""

VPUT company organizes Charter flights from Chisinau (R. Moldova) on the route Chisinau-Sunny beach (Sozopol)-Chisinau.

Company "V. P. U. T."
Route Chisinau-Sunny beach-Chisinau (including to Sozopol and Pomorie)
Place of origin Chisinau, Mr. Botanist, a monument to Sergey Lazo
Flight schedule Sunny Beach – daily;
Sozopol – on request
Travel time Sunny beach is 13 hours
Transfer to the hotel Yes
Ticket price 25-35* € (price per trip)
Additional information tel: +37360440258 (to the number registered accounts Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram); application for: (reply within hours)


From Moscow to Bulgaria can be reached by train 059 Moscow - Varna


Moscow - Kyiv - Lviv - Cher��sheep - Bucharest - Ruse - Varna - Sofia
Travel time 44 h 57 min
Period cruising 1.09.2015
Departure Moscow, Kiev railway station 9:30
Travel time 46 hours
Telephone for information 8 (800) 775-00-00


From Moscow to Bulgaria fly both scheduled and Charter flights. We present a seasonal schedule of flights for summer 2015 from the main airports of the country.

Ticket price in one direction: from 11900 RUB.

Vnukovo airport Charter flights

Information about flights: the schedule of the airport Vnukovo.

Sheremetyevo airport - regular flights

Ordering of tickets and refinement of cost: here

Telephone for information: +7 (495) 795 00 77.

Domodedovo airport - regular flights

Booking Charter flights:

The average prices for Charter flights in the summer of 2015:

Flight information:

Phones for inquiries: +7(495) 956 47 74, +7 (495) 143 62 02

ATTENTION! The information in the evaluation format

Please check on these sites the exact date and times of departure. All information in informational format. Administration VPUT is not responsible for changing information carriers.


The route from Moscow to Varna (Burgas) passes through the following countries: Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Romania, Bulgaria. From Kiev to Varna can be reached or through Chernivtsi, or through Odessa.

Route 1

Moscow - Smolensk - Orsha - Gomel - Kiev - Odessa - Ismail - Giurgiulesti - Galati - card - Varna - 2165 km.

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Advantages: good quality main roads and, therefore, the optimal duration of the journey.

Disadvantages: poor sections of the route Odessa-Izmail and completion of the border with Moldova.

Route 2

Moscow - Orsha - Gomel - Kiev - Khmelnitsky - Chernivtsi - Suceava - Bacau - card - Varna - 2237 km.

Advantages: the route is bypassing Moldavia.

Disadvantages: the longer the route, the poor state of some sections of the route on the territory of Ukraine.

Checkpoints on the border of Romania and Bulgaria:

  • Giurgiu / Ruse - crossing the Danube on the bridge (the cost of moving Euro 6*);
  • Calarasi / Silistra - ferry across the Danube (cost 6 euros);
  • Negru Voda / Kardam - the bridge on the territory of Romania at Cernavoda (cost 3 euros)
  • Vama / Durankulak

*Paid in the national currency RON / BGN.

Required documents:

  • Car documents and driving license.
  • Green card.
  • Vignettes: “ROVINIETA” (Romania); “VINETKA” (Bulgaria).
  • Bulgarian tourist visa (Romanian transit visa is not required).

Information about vignettes:

“ROVINIETA” - sold at gas stations Petrom, Rompetrom, OMV or online at

The cost in 2015 (passenger cars): 7 days - €3, 30 days - €7.

“VINETKA” - sold the location of the border in special sales points with the inscription "ROAD CHARGING POINT".

Cost 2015 (trucks):Cost 2015 (trucks): 7 days - €5 , 30 days - €13.

Useful information for traveling in Bulgaria by car is outlined here.

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