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Cleaning and Changing Bed Sheets

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Apartment Cleaning

Type of Apartment: Standard General
1 room €40 €45
2 rooms €45 €55
3 rooms €50 €65
4 rooms €55 €75
5 rooms €60 €85
House, Villa, Townhouse By agreement By agreement

Cleaning Standard General
Ventilation of premises
Cleaning the walls (dust and cobwebs)
Cleaning of ceilings (dust and cobwebs)
Sweeping floors
Cleaning with a vacuum cleaner (if necessary)
Garbage collection
Floor cleaning
Washing the floors on the balcony
Cleaning the floors under the sofas
Washing the floors under the bedside tables
Cleaning of the internal parts of the cabinets (in agreement with the owners)
Washing the upper surfaces of cabinets
Washing the external parts of cabinets
Wiping doors
Wiping mirrors
Washing of sanitary units
Washing sinks
Washing the shower stall
Washing the bathroom
Washing dishes (which were left in the sink)
Washing the refrigerator (inside, outside)
MKV washing oven (inside, outside)
Washing the oven (inside, outside)
Disinfection of door handles and switches (sanitation)
Disinfection of the keypad at the equipment (sanitation)
Washing windows from the inside
Washing windows outside
Washing window frames
Window sill washing
Washing the tides
Washing mosquito nets
Large terraces (by agreement)

Changing Bed Sheets

Single bed Double bed
€4 €5

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You have to

Подписать с нами договор

buy two sets of sheets for each bed. Buy sheets at the Beloteks store at Dunes Street 43, Nessebar, Bulgaria. Or provide money and we’ll buy them at wholesale prices. The prices are shown for two sets of bed linen and towels. It also includes a special blanket for each bed.

Bed sheets properties:

White color
No patterns or pictures
100% cotton
60 threads per

Two sets for a double bed

Item Size Price Quantity
Sheet 240x260 €8 2
Duvet cover 150x220 €11 4
Blanket 150x220 €9 2
Pillowcase 50x70 €2 4
Large towel 70x140 €5 4
Small towel 50x90 €2 4
Total: €114

Two sets for a single bed

Item Size Price Quantity
Sheet 240x260 €8 2
Duvet cover 150x220 €11 2
Blanket 150x220 €9 1
Pillowcase 50x70 €2 2
Large towel 70x140 €5 2
Small towel 50x90 €2 2
Total: €65

Cleaning and changing bed sheets are provided in

  • Sunny Beach
  • Sveti Vlas
  • Elenite
  • Nessebar
  • Ravda
  • Aheloy

For all questions, please contact our support

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