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Become a Host Contacts

How to rent a house

Step 1: Start search

So, start looking for a suitable facility. To do this, select the destination, the approximate date of travel and number of people involved in the journey. This can be done on the home page "in the way".

Filters. If you are confused because of the large number of attractive offers, use special filters. They are located on the left of the search results. Choose you are interested in housing characteristics (cost, availability of equipment, swimming pools, etc.) and the search engine will sort suitable ads.

Search and map. For greater convenience, use during the search map. Mark on the map a place where you would like to rent a house, and before you open the ads from this area.

more information. Get complete information on accommodation and its owner. Read the reviews left by previous guests, see new photos, use your card. A personal profile owners can learn his reputation: the frequency and time responses, personal information.

Step 2: Contact the owner

Please contact the owner of the property by clicking the green button "send master" next to his photo and personal data. Do not hesitate to ask a lot of questions. Check the information you need, for example, the date when the house/apartment is available. Likewise, you can contact with several owners. This will stop on the best housing options.

Personal profile. Owners, rent your home, prefer to get to know your potential guests better. Therefore it is advisable to fill in a personal profile. To edit your profile, and add new information, click the button to the right under the name "Edit profile". Presence of own photos and concise information about themselves, their preferences and life principles will help gain the trust of the owner of property.

Step 3. Booking

If you find a good housing option, click on the big blue button "Booking" to the right of the photograph of the object. Owner of the property will request a booking. Respond to your offer master should have time during the day. After 24 hours of booking request will be invalid.

If a homeowner has received a request for your email message arrives. In addition, you will be sent a receipt of payment, the necessary contact details, exact address of the residential facility.

Payment. Payment for rental housing and services is due at time of booking. The amount paid on account of the company remains "in the way" until settling in rented accommodation. Within 24 hours from the date of your arrival payment will be sent to the seller. During this time you have the opportunity to verify the residential facility according to its description on the website.

Pawn. Some owners prefer to charge the deposit for the safety of property. Usually this is indicated in their declaration. Such measures are taken in case of misunderstanding about broken dishes or other troubles. Said host sum is subject to additional discussion with him and will be paid directly to the owner on arrival or other arrangement method. The owner of a refundable deposit in the absence of claims on his part. "In a way" does not accept responsibility for the insured mortgage, because they do not accept these payments into your account.

Step 4: In the way!

Search for housing, familiarity with the owner, booking and payment have been left behind. Suitcases collected and you think the remaining days before the trip! Before you hit the road again to contact the owner. Certainly consent exact time of your arrival to get the keys. For more information about the travel (travel plans) can be found in your personal profile under "My trip".

changes and cancellations. "My trip" will help you in case you need to make some changes, for example, to adjust the date of the reservation, number of guests, etc. This can be done by mutual agreement with the owner. The possibility of complete cancellation.

Reviews. Do not be silent. Leave your comment about the trip! Rate accommodation, whether it was to your expectations? You can leave a comment or send a brothel owner personal comment. Reviews make the platform "in the way" better. The following guests will be grateful to you for the information provided.

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